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As the UK’s leading detective agency, PrivateInvestigators-UK are constantly scouring the industry for up-and-coming talent. If you are trained/qualified in surveillance/investigative work and keen on working for us on a freelance basis, then we would be glad to hear about you or your firm. We are also eager to hear from individuals with specalist skills relating to our industry.

PrivateInvestigators-UK endeavours to work with former law enforcement or military personnel wherever possible, however we also work with suitably trained individuals from all backgrounds.

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Due to high volumes of traffic received through our website we are be unable to process any applications which are submitted to us via e-mail or phone. Please submit application to us using the form on this page only.

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This form allows you to upload your CV in .PDF format only. If your CV is currently a Word file then you will first need to save it as a PDF or convert it before uploading. Thereafter your CV will be stored in our secure database. Due to data security concerns we can only accept CVs in .PDF format which are submitted to us using this form - files which are sent to us via e-mail will be discarded.