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UK body guards

Our agency has been trusted to provide qualified and reliable body guards for a wide and varied selection of different reasons, across the UK. We aim to provide our clients with a professional body guard service that is second to none. Our aim while providing close protective services is to provide our clients with the confidence and peace of mind that they are being adequately protected by our experienced guards.

In order for us to mitigate against the potential threats in your case we must first understand the circumstances and nature of our assignment. Before a case is accepted we must assess and understand the risks in your situation; as such our UK body guards will look to analyze the information provided in each case and asses the risks involved in providing protective services in your situation. Please include detailed information with your inquiry (including a UK post code) so that we are able understand your needs and provide a quote if we feel that we are able to meet your requirements.

The role of a body guard that is tasked with providing close protection services will largely depend on the circumstances in each case. If you are interested in our body guard (close protection) service, then please send us an inquiry explaining your needs and the location (UK post code) where you need us to work. From there one of our experienced team members will assess your situation and understand if we are able to meet the needs specified in your inquiry. If we are able to help then we will offer a free, no obligation quote.

Please note that in order for us to provide a quote for services we will need a UK post code in order to calculate our travel time/expenses. Whether you need a security guard in England, Scotland, Wales or NI, our service typically extends to most areas in the United Kingdom. Feel free to contact us and one of our experienced team members will establish whether we are able to help in your case.

We can supply UK body guards for:

Why hire a UK body guard?

There are many different reasons that might lead you to requiring the services of a bodyguard (close protection agent) in the UK. It is important that the full reasoning and circumstances are outlined to us so that we are firstly able to understand any potential threads that our body guards may encounter whilst providing close protection services for you. Once we are satisfied that we will be able to offer a solution in your case then we will be glad to offer you a free, no obligation quote. It will then be your decision whether you would like to go ahead and book our UK body guards service.

Our clients tell us that hiring a body guard provides them with the peace of mind that they will not need to face any potentially dangerous situations on their own or with their families. The sense of security that comes with knowing a body guard is working for you is often a great comfort to many of our clients.

The best bodyguards have good communication skills and are adept in reading people and situations. Bodyguards are not minimum wage security guards tasked with loitering in a specific area for many hours. Bodyguards are highly trained individuals, typically with years of relevant experience in either the armed forces or the police force.

A body guard’s typical assignment is to protect his client from injury, assault, or to prevent a specific item from being stolen. We feel that in many cases the mere presence of a capable body guard is in itself an excellent tool to prevent crime from occurring in the first place.

We recognize that each of our clients has different needs and requirements, and different threats which they aim to mitigate against. No two clients are the same and we will endeavor to meet the needs in each case. Ultimately, the goal of our body guard service is to provide our clients with the peace of mind that they will be protected to fullest capability of our experienced body guards.

Hire an SIA licensed guard

SIA licensed security guards UK

In most cases security guards providing protective services in the UK are required by law to be in possession of an SIA close protection license. If you need to hire an SIA licensed security guard in the UK then please feel free to get in touch with our team members. We work across the UK and endeavour to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible. Because experience makes all the difference, our UK body guards primarily consists of seasoned, qualified SIA agents, that have already performed security duties across a range of different environments. We recognize that knowledge, experience and training make all the difference when selecting a body guard, and as such UK-PI has worked, and aims to work, with former servicemen and women from the British armed forced and former law enforcement officers wherever possible. With our staff’s combined background in law enforcement and the armed forces, we can assure you we have your best interests in how we operate.

We believe that the role of an SIA licensed bodyguard should be hospitable and vigilant. A good body guard should stop to analyze situations and assess how any potential threats can be mitigated. We endeavour to understand the needs and requirements in each case an offer a solution if we are able to do so. Understanding our client and their situation where we are providing body guard services will also allow us to understand how many guards might be needed in any specific case.

How much does a UK body guard cost?

Our agents work across the United Kingdom, from England to Scotland, Wales and NI. Our fees in any given case can varying dramatically. Variables for calculating price include the amount of guards that are needed in the case and the geographical location. Body guards working in remote areas may face additional travel expenses, for example, and as such might charge higher fees to compensate for this. Much depends on the circumstances and the specific needs and requirements in your case. Please feel free to reach out to us for a free quote if you require the services of a body guard in the UK.

Please understand that due to the high-risk nature of protective (body guard) services, we are not able to accept all cases that are offered to us. It may not always be viable (or cost effective) for our agents to travel to certain locations; and in order to avoid disappointment we also reserve the right not to provide our services if we feel that we are not able to meet our client’s needs and expectations. With that said, we are certainly glad to provide protection services under most reasonable circumstances. For more information please feel free to contact one of our experienced team members.

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