How Much Does it Cost to Catch a Cheating Partner?

May 21, 2021 - Reading time: 6 minutes

One of the most common questions we receive regarding infidelity (cheating partner) investigations is “How much will it cost to catch my partner cheating on me?”, or “How much surveillance will I need in order to catch my partner cheating?”.

Predicting the total cost to catch your partner cheating on you can be very difficult. Some cases are resolved quickly, whilst others may run for several days, weeks, or even months. However, fees for the average infidelity case tends to total around £1,000 before incriminating evidence is gathered.

The difficulty in estimating a total price for an investigation is due to the many different variables at play. Everyone has different lifestyles, which present different opportunities to catch them committing acts of infidelity. 

Believe it or not, we have handled infidelity cases where strong evidence has been gathered by us within the first hour of starting surveillance. However, such cases are rare and it is more typical for these assignments to run for 2-3 days, or longer.

A private investigator carrying a DSLR camera

Often is the case that once our client has received photos/video of their partner cheating on them, that they will ask us to continue to collect more evidence for them. Continuing surveillance after infidelity has been documented can help to create a water tight case for divorce proceedings; other times our clients are simply curious about the true activities of their partner and how often they are meeting up with their lover and cheating on them.

Unsurprisingly, many of our clients enjoy the “gotcha” moment where they have caught their partner cheating on them. In that moment, months or even years of lying come to a head, and the balance of power is shifted in favour of our client. Continuing surveillance after infidelity has been detected can help to prolong the satisfaction for many of our clients, and provide a better understanding as to their partner’s secret activities with their lovers. 

Most of the time when our clients suspect their partners of committing acts of infidelity, they do not harbour these suspicions without good reason, and there is something to be said for this type of intuition. And as the old adage goes “there is no smoke without fire”. 

Saving money during an infidelity investigation can be achieved through carefully selecting the time/place to begin surveillance. We will typically listen to the concerns of our client in order to understand their partner’s lifestyle, and our best opportunity to catch them committing acts of infidelity. 

The amount of time required in order to capture photos/video of a person cheating on their partner will vary depending upon several different factors. For example, if your partner meets their lover in private, and is seldom seen out with them in public, then it will likely take us longer in order to catch and photograph them. We have seen many such cases where the person being surveilled is very conscious of being caught out by their partner, and will take precautions to avoid them being seen. Such cases usually require more forethought and surveillance time.

Investigation cost verses benefit

Before deciding on the amount of money that you should budget for a private investigator, it would be wise to consider the cost verses benefit. In infidelity cases, for example, a common consideration is how the evidence may impact on divorce proceedings. If either yourself or your partner have a relatively high net worth, then suffice it to say that you may feel justified in collecting a substantial amount of evidence which proves their infidelity beyond any doubt.

Even if divorce is not an immediate consideration, it may be something which you contemplate later on, depending on how your relationship fares after the infidelity has come to light and you have confronted your partner. We would suggest preparing for this potential eventuality by collecting as much evidence as possible.

Cheating couple looking at each other

If you decide to confront your partner with the results of an investigation which has been carried out on their infidelity, then performing another investigation later on down the road will likely prove a lot more difficult, as your partner will now be aware of the potential for them to be monitored by private investigators.

We suggest getting it right the first time by collecting as much evidence as possible. You will then have the ability to retain our evidence in such case that it is required in future divorce proceedings.  

Of course, divorce is not the only occasion where your relationship might cost money. The amount of cash spent on shared living expenses and gifts for your partner can really add up over time, and deciding to end your relationship will obviously remove these costs. Many relationships also entail more serious financial commitments, such as shared mortgages, businesses, or other financial arrangements.

How private investigators catch cheating partners

We can employ a number of different techniques in order to catch cheating partners and keep the cost of the investigation down. For example, in many cases we can save our clients’ money through the use of GPS tracking devices.

By recording the movements of your partner with a tracking device, we can check for patterns of behaviour and begin surveillance at times/locations where they are most likely to be committing acts of infidelity. 

In some cases, we can also use our decoy service, which entails sending an agent to approach your partner and establish whether they are interested in potentially forming another relationship.

However, the most common tactic used to catch a cheating partner would be our surveillance service, which involves following the subject and documenting their activity by taking photos/video.

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