Is Your Partner Living A Double Life? (5 Warning Signs)

May 21, 2022 - Reading time: 12 minutes

There is a huge difference between being a pretty private person, and someone that is living a double life and deliberately hiding information from you. Living a private life is about not sharing their business with everyone around them, while a double life is based on lies. There are many reasons why someone might be living a double life – whether it is out of fear of being ridiculed by others about their true self, or they are doing something wrong, such as cheating and don’t want to be found out. 

A woman looking through a piece of broken glass

Living a double life is exhausting, and at some point, every person that does so shows some tell tale signs that things may not be as they seem. At PrivateInvestigators-UK, we are experts in investigating those who may be living a double life. Take a look at our information on the warning signs that we often see in those who are hiding something: 

What Are The Signs Of Someone Living A Double Life?

If you are questioning whether your partner or someone close to you is living a double life, this means that there must be some signs that you are questioning. This could be things that they say or the way that they behave. Even the most confident people that believe they are great at hiding things will slip up on occasion or have tell tale signs that they are up to something that you are unaware of. The key to finding out that they are leading a double life is identifying the signs of it and deciding what action you will take to try and confront them. Below are some of the most common signs that we see, as top private investigators. Let’s take a closer look:

Warning Sign 1: They Are Overly Cautious With Their Phone

Nowadays, we are more connected with people than ever due to having smartphones in our pockets and multiple apps and social media platforms to connect with people on. Now, we aren’t saying that everything on your partner’s phone must be shared with you as everyone is entitled to their own privacy. However, your partner's phone use can also be a sign of a double life if they are attached to it at all times. 

A woman looking at her smartphone and smiling

If they never sit their phone down and take it everywhere with them – including to the bathroom, in bed or when simply leaving the room for a few minutes, it may be a sign that there is something on the phone that will reveal their double life. Therefore, they take their phone with them to ensure that you cannot look at it. 

It is normal these days for us to have passcodes to unlock our phones, but most people choose to share these with their partners. If your partner has passwords to access individual applications, this may be a sign that they do not want you to access them and they may be hiding something. 

Some of our partners may be addicted to the apps and games on their phones, meaning that they don’t put them down for a while, but they will leave them to the side if they are completing tasks that require their full attention. Those leaving a double life, however, will keep their phones on them at all times – which is a huge red flag.

Warning Sign 2: They Don’t Spend As Much Time With You As They Should

One of the most important aspects of keeping a relationship alive is spending quality time with each other. This takes effort from both parties within the relationship, especially if you both have busy schedules as then you need to go out of your way to carve out time for each other. One of the key signs that someone may be leading a double life and spending their time with someone else is if this time for you to spend together, all of a sudden disappears. 

It is important to note, that some people do have busy periods at their work, or looking after older family members which may mean they have less time for you – but they should be able to explain this to you and show that they are otherwise engaged. If, however, your partner is stating that they are busy with work all of the time, including at strange hours for a sustained period of time, they may be using work as an excuse to try and hide what they are actually doing. This excuse is often used as many people do not want to question their partner over their work as if they are in fact working hard, they will take this as an insult. 

Spending time with you doesn’t just mean being in your physical presence, it means quality time. If your partner is in the house with you but is still ‘busy’ when they are at home, they may be attempting to avoid you and appear preoccupied so that they do not reveal their double life accidentally by slipping up when talking to you. 

If you find that your partner is doing any of the above, and avoiding you, this begs the question of who are they paying attention to? If their efforts are focused elsewhere, they may not be showing you the attention that you deserve, so it is important to look in to this. 

Warning Sign 3: They Get Mixed Up Easily

Most of the time if someone is leading a double life, they are often balancing a lot of issues and telling a lot of lies to cover their tracks and keep their secret private. Sometimes, however, this can be too much and they end up slipping up and saying something they shouldn’t. This can be a small slip of the tongue that leads you to become more suspicious about their actions, or a more major slip-up which confirms they are not telling the truth. Examples of this may include accidentally calling you the wrong name or talking about places they have been that they think is with you when you have in fact not been there. It may be telling you they are doing one thing, and then talking with someone else and saying they were up to something else – any kind of difference in their story. 

While a person may make a genuine mistake once in a while, if these kinds of slip-ups are happening more and more often, it may be a sign that they are hiding something. If you notice this, begin to note down any discrepancies and see if you notice a pattern, or if they are becoming more common. This will allow you to confront them, or pass this information on to a private investigator to find out more. 

Warning Sign 4: They Don’t Give Out Information Or Appear Distant

leading a double life is all about keeping secrets, and this is a clear change that can be noticed in your partner. If your partner was an open person at first, sharing their news, whereabouts, and information with you, you may notice when they start to keep these things a secret.

A couple looking at each other following an argument

Keeping information a secret can include not telling you where they are going, not explaining why they have been away from the home for a long time, keeping their computer and phone password is a secret or even not telling you about their day. If you noticed a pattern – that this is happening the majority of the time, they may be leading a double life. they may want to keep these things secret from you to try and avoid slipping up and telling you information that will reveal their secret, or they do not want you to see messages on their devices. It is not uncommon for them to begin hiding bank statements and their transactions from you as they may be spending money in places that will give away their double life. If you do have access to bank statements it is important to check these for unusual transactions, as this will either be fraud or your partner is up to something without your knowledge.  

Warning Sign 5: They Stop Being Intimate With You

One of the key tell tale signs if your partner is living a double life due to being with someone else and having an affair is that they stop instigating intimacy with you. Intimacy can mean a number of different things, such as cuddling and kissing up to having sex. This change may happen over time and usually starts out small, by cutting down on intimate contact until you do not feel like they are attracted to you at all. Intimacy does not only include physical contact; however, it may also include making an effort to make you feel special – such as going out on dates, cooking nice dinners or complimenting you. If you notice that these are beginning to lack in your relationship, you may find that your partner has a secret that they are trying to hide from you. 

Why Do Some People Choose To Live Another Life?

There has been a huge amount of research into why some people choose to live a secret life, keeping things from their partners, friends and family. These studies have revealed that the number of people living a double life is higher than you may think. In fact, a high number of people will keep some kind of significant secret from their loved ones. The reasons for this are simple – people do not like feeling bad about themselves and do not want to accept that they are guilty of something that they will be judged for. 

Generally, if a person is hiding something and leading a double life, they do not want to face the consequences of what they are hiding. Deep down, they are likely to be ashamed of their actions as they know they are doing something wrong, and do not want the fallout of revealing their secret to those closest to them. For example, if a person is having an affair behind their wife's back, they know that this is wrong and they shouldn’t be doing it but they don’t want to deal with the drama of telling their wife, and the subsequent breakdown of the marriage just yet. This is especially true if children or pets are involved as the risk is even higher for them then. Additionally, they may not want to deal with the judgement from their family members as they are in the wrong – their parents or siblings will not be happy with their infidelity, especially if they are close to their relative’s spouse.

The Take Away

There are many warning signs that your partner may be leading a double life. Most of them involve your partner becoming more distant with you – whether this is them physically avoiding spending time with you, or emotionally not opening up or sharing information with you. While most people will show one or two of these signs for a short period of time if they are stressed or busy at work, if you notice a pattern in their behaviour, this may be concerning.

There is nothing worse than that feeling in your gut that your partner is not being honest, and hiding something from you. If you are concerned that your partner is leading a double life, and is cheating on your relationship, we can help. At PrivateInvestigators-UK our expert investigators have years of experience in revealing if people are up to no good. If you would like to gather proof that your partner is cheating on you in the form of photos/video, then we can help. Please visit the PrivateInvestigators-UK homepage to learn more about us.

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The 10 Most Common Excuses For Cheating

May 17, 2022 - Reading time: 13 minutes

One of the key aspects of a successful, healthy relationship is trust between the two partners. This allows both partners to feel loved and secure. If the trust is broken within a relationship, it can be difficult to get back, and, in the vast majority of cases can lead to the break down of the relationship. Not only this but breaking the trust in one relationship can lead to a person not trusting their partner in a future relationship, causing long term damage.

One of the most common ways that trust is broken in a relationship is when a partner cheats. Studies have shown that when this happens, whether it is a full blown affair or a one night stand, it leads to a severe breakdown of trust. The faithful partner who has been cheated on finds it difficult to trust their partner again, and in the majority of cases, this can lead to a breakdown of the relationship. 

Stiletto of a couple outside during an argument

Studies across the world have shown that men are more likely to cheat and more likely to find extramarital sex acceptable, but this is not always the case as some women also choose to be unfaithful to their partners. Many believe that their partner is hiding something well before they find out about any cheating in their relationship and are often devastated when they hear the news. 

When a person is caught cheating, it is rare that they come clean straight away. Even when a person admits infidelity, the true reason for their indiscretion is unlikely to be revealed. This is because they may be embarrassed that they were caught, or are looking for an excuse to explain their behaviour that blames the other person in the relationship rather than themselves. Ultimately, they want to minimise the level of blame on them so come up with excuses to try and justify their behaviour.

How Common Is Cheating? 

Within a marriage, cheating is more common than you may first expect. Studies have shown that over one-fifth of men (around 22%) have admitted not being faithful to their partner during their marriage. This study, conducted by the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, only looked at couples that were already married, however, and did not take into consideration other types of unfaithfulness as well as having sex with someone outside of their marriage.

One of the biggest issues is that around 70% of people in a relationship have not discussed with their partner what they constitute as cheating within a relationship. An individual's ideas of cheating can range from sex outside the relationship, kissing another person, to engaging in flirty conversation, and each individual person will have their own idea of where they think the line is and what you have to do to cross it.

The percentage of those who cheat, therefore, may be much higher when the parameters for what constitutes cheating are expanded. For example, studies have shown that around 18 to 25% of users on the Tinder dating platform are in a relationship when active on the app, meaning that they are actively looking to talk to other people and potentially meet up with them. 

At PrivateInvestigators-UK, we are experts at investigating partners that are believed to have been unfaithful. We have heard every excuse out there to explain this kind of behaviour and have compiled them into an easy list for you. Let’s take a closer look:

Excuse 1: Cheating is Normal – It is Natural For Men To Cheat

One of the most popular excuses that we often see for cheating is that it is natural to want to have sex with multiple people, as monogamy is not natural. They often explain that people in the past, or animals do not have one partner that they are faithful to and that they should be allowed to have more than one partner. At the end of the day, however, if they have promised to be faithful to you, then they have broken that promise. 

Excuse 2: I Don’t Love Them – It Was Just About The Sex

As a way of trying to limit the severity of their actions, the person who has cheated may try and justify them by stating that it was only about the sex, rather than any feelings being involved in their infidelity. Some people, in particular men, believe that if there is no emotional connection, that cheating is not as bad. However, by getting close to someone else and going behind your back, they have already broken your trust by lying to you and trying to hide their actions. 

Couple in bed touching their feet together

Excuse 3: It Wasn’t My Fault, I Was Seduced By The Other Person

Quite often those who cheat find it difficult to accept responsibility for their actions. Instead, they will turn the blame on the person that they had the affair with, to try and take the pressure off them. When they are caught, they may come up with an elaborate explanation of how they were seduced by the other person and tried to stop it from happening. The reality is, however, that they still engaged with the other person and chose to be unfaithful so their excuses do not matter.

Excuse 4: My Partner Has Cheated Previously So I Did The Same Back To Them

If cheating has happened previously in a relationship, then trust may already be broken. If someone has cheated, and their partner has chosen to forgive them and stay together, they need to accept that something like this will never happen again and forgive the person that cheated. Sometimes, however, if you have previously cheated in your relationship, your partner may not forgive and will instead look for revenge. This may lead to them cheating on you further down the line, and using your previous indiscretions as an excuse for their behaviour.

If this is the case, they clearly have not gotten over your cheating, and the trust has been lost in your relationship, making it difficult to recover.

Excuse 5: I Felt Lonely And Needed Company

Another reason that someone who has been unfaithful might give to justify their behaviour is that they felt lonely within their relationship. This is an excuse where they are trying to put the blame partially on their partner. They could say that their partner was too busy with the kids, or away too often for work in order to say that their needs were not being met.

If this was the case, however, they should have raised these issues with you, instead of being unfaithful. The blame for their actions should not be on you, as it was their choices that got them into this situation. 

Excuse 6: It Didn’t Mean Anything. It Only Happened The One Time

Once a person has been caught cheating, they may try and minimise their behaviour as much as possible in order to limit the consequences of their actions. They may explain that it was a one-off thing and that it won’t happen again. It is difficult to know whether this is the truth or not as they may only be saying it was a one-time thing to reduce the consequences. It may only have been one occasion, or it could have been a full blown affair that you were unaware of.

A man and woman kissing each other in the shower 

Ultimately, even if it has only happened once, there was still a time when they were unfaithful to your relationship and broke the promise that you made to each other. Once the trust is broken, whether it be on one occasion or many, it can be difficult to get back. You may also discover later down the line that it happened more than they originally disclosed to you. 

Excuse 7: It Isn’t My Fault – It’s Yours!

Instead of taking on the blame themselves, many partners who have been caught cheating are often quick to blame you. This is because they do not want to take responsibility for their actions, and instead list a number of things they believe you did that to push them towards being unfaithful. However, having some kind of affair outside of your relationship is a decision that your partner has made and therefore, it is their responsibility. If they were unhappy in your relationship, they should have spoken to you about it or ended the relationship before starting another one.

When a partner makes these excuses, it can be difficult for you to not blame yourself for their actions. It is important to remember that your partner was the one who chose to be unfaithful, and therefore, you are not to blame. 

Excuse 8: I Was Simply Trying To Help Them And It Just Happened

When it comes to getting close to another person, often an excuse used by cheating partners is that they were trying to help the other person. They may try to say that the person they had the affair with innocently confided in them that they were struggling with an issue such as a break-up from their partner or experiencing domestic abuse. Your partner may state that they were the only person that they opened up to and that they were trying to help them.

They may continue to describe a situation where they did not intend to get involved with the other person and start an affair, but that they naturally grew closer when the person shared their secret with them. If this is the case, they should have told you the other person’s issues from the start and shared them with you if they were being honest with you. If you had no idea that your partner knew this person, or that they were close to them, it looks like they were hiding something all along. 

Excuse 9: I Was Bored And Fed Up

There are many big milestones in a relationship – from moving in together, to buying a property, to getting married and having children. While most people see these stages as a sense of commitment, and like the feeling of settling down and finding the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, others find this to be a more negative thing, leaving them feeling bored. This is especially true for those who are more impulsive and unable to relax – those who are always looking for their next adrenaline rush. In this case, the next adrenaline rush could be having an affair and trying to keep it a secret. The cheating is a way of keeping their life interesting and exciting, rather than the boredom they feel when settled with their partner.

Some that are unsettled may be able to find an outlet in more reasonable behaviour such as finding new activities to do or spending time with their friends. Others will need a bigger thrill which cheating may bring them so will use their boredom as an excuse to justify their behaviour. 

Excuse 10: Nothing Happened – It Is All In Your Head

And finally, last on our list is perhaps the most frustrating excuse that you will hear if you have discovered that your partner has cheated. Some people want to deny that an affair has happened, even once they have been found out. This may be because they are ashamed of their behaviour, or they simply do not want to have a confrontation about it. To try and avoid this, your partner may simply keep denying that anything has happened, even if you have proof. They will try and turn the blame on you, describing you as being paranoid and trying to make you second guess yourself. In doing so, the person is clearly showing that they are not regretful for their actions and want to try and get out of admitting that they have done something wrong. 

If they continue with trying to blame you by saying you are paranoid or going mad, even if you have clear proof, this is a clear sign of emotional abuse and you need to get out of the relationship as soon as possible. It is important that you trust your instincts with this as once the trust is broken, it is difficult to get back. 

An iris scanner with the PrivateInvestigators-UK logo superimposed

How to gather evidence that your partner is cheating

If you are concerned that your partner may be being unfaithful, we can help. With years of experience in private investigation, our expertly trained staff can help identify if your partner is leading a double life. We can check your partner's movements by placing them under surveillance - our team covers the UK and beyond. Visit the PrivateInvestigators-UK homepage to learn more about us.

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Is it worth using a private investigator during divorce?

May 7, 2022 - Reading time: 8 minutes

None of us get married with the intention that we will get divorced later down the line, we all hope and expect that our marriages will last forever. Sadly, this is not always the case and many of us will end up dealing with potentially messy divorces.

It can be very difficult to obtain a ‘no-fault’ divorce in the UK unless you have been separated from your partner for two years. This means that there is typically a level of blame or fault which will be assigned during the divorce.

If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful during your marriage, or that your partner may be involved in illegal activities, then gathering evidence to substantiate those claims could prove to be highly beneficial to you during subsequent divorce proceedings.

Removing a wedding ring

Obtaining clear evidence of infidelity or nefarious behaviour can prove to be very difficult in many cases, especially if the subject is mindful of their wrongdoings and takes steps to conceal their activities. In many cases a skilled private investigator can provide the key when it comes to unlocking a divorce case by gathering conclusive evidence of wrongdoing.

Whether or not it is worthwhile to hire a private investigator during your divorce will ultimately depend on the circumstances and evidence that is able to be gathered over the course of your investigation. During most surveillance cases it is very difficult to predict the evidence that will be gathered or how much time might be needed, as there are many different variables involved in each respective case.

If you have suspicions about your partner then hiring an investigator to check and gather proof may end up being a wise decision. In many cases investigators are able to save their clients significant sums of money during divorces.

Obtaining evidence for divorce settlements 

Private investigators typically gather evidence of infidelity using personal surveillance. ‘Personal surveillance’ means to watch an individual, follow them, and to gather evidence of their activities in the form of photos/video.

Evidence gathered would typically consist of the photos/videos themselves, usually accompanied by a detailed report which will outline the subject’s activities and movements observed by the investigator during surveillance.

The level of evidence needed in each case can vary depending on the needs and requirements of each client. If a subject is thought to be cohabitating as part of an adulterous relationship for example, then it may be necessary to gather evidence of their living arrangements over a prolonged period.

Private investigator taking photos of a couple with a DSLR camera

On the other hand, if a subject is observed showing clear romantic behaviour with an adulterous lover (such as holding hands or kissing) within a short time, then it may be possible to gather enough evidence within a shorter period and to then close the case. 

Often is the case that the mere notion of a private investigator’s involvement may prove to increase amiability during discussions about divorce. With that said, it’s important to note that once you have exposed the involvement of a private investigator to your ex-partner, that our cover would then be blown and further surveillance of them may prove to be more difficult and less fruitful.

If you are planning to hire a private investigator in order to catch your partner out then do not tell them or threaten to hire an investigator! If a person is aware that an investigator may become involved then they may alter their behaviour which could possibly make our job more difficult.

How much surveillance is needed in order to prove wrongdoing?

This is a tricky question. During surveillance everything depends on the subject’s lifestyle, movements, and the opportunities for them to be photographed in a compromising position. All of these factors vary from case to case, depending on who we are tasked with observing.

Some cases can be closed after just one day or a few hours of surveillance... Other cases can take longer and in some cases our clients desire to collect an overwhelming amount of evidence can stretch the case out over several weeks or months. 

It is usually our clients themselves who will be the best people to predict the total amount of surveillance time needed, as they have the most knowledge about their partner’s movements and any opportunities for an investigator to collect evidence.

Using GPS trackers during divorce investigations

It is common practice for private investigators to use GPS tracking devices during divorce or infidelity investigations, and if you are currently going through a divorce with a belligerent or ‘controlling’ ex-partner then you should be especially wary about the potential for them to use such devices.

GPS trackers are typically affixed to the underside of the subject’s vehicle. The whereabouts and movements of that vehicle can then be monitored 24 hours a day using an online control panel. 

Trackers can allow investigators to map out a subject’s movements over several days or weeks, which allows us to deploy surveillance operatives at key times and locations when the subject is most likely to be photographed committing acts of infidelity. 

Has your spouse hired a private investigator to follow you?

If you suspect that your spouse might have hired a private investigator to keep an eye on you, then you may find hiring your own investigator to be beneficial.

Looking through window blinds

We can help to conduct ‘counter-surveillance’, which would involve checking to see if a client is being surveilled.

If a client is found to be subject to ongoing surveillance, we would then use our experience to help advise them on the most effective methods to hamper surveillance, and to cause their ex-partner to encounter as much cost as possible.

If a private investigator is following you, then hiring another investigator to conduct counter-surveillance will allow you to gather evidence that you are being monitored. 

If your ex-partner has taken the step to hire a private investigator, then you should be aware of them using bugging devices. We can also help to search for bugs (such as trackers or hidden camera/microphones) which may have been left by an ex-partner or their agents, as part of our bug sweeping service. 

Using a private investigator to locate hidden assets during divorce

Another area where private investigators are able to help during divorce cases is to locate hidden assets. If you suspect that your former partner could be concealing their assets then an investigator may be able to help locate them, using a variety of different techniques.

If your partner has indeed taken steps to conceal assets and their true net worth, then hiring an investigator to check the facts can often prove to be a worthwhile and cost-effective endeavour. Asset searches can range from placing the subject under surveillance, to credit reports, shareholding checks, directorship checks, vehicle checks, et al., with much depending on the circumstances in each case.

If significant assets are being concealed or hidden, then instructing an investigator to shed light on the situation may be a worthwhile endeavour.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

Fees associated with private investigations can depend on the location, circumstances, and length of the case. Please visit our pricing page for up-to-date information on our fees, our feel free to get in touch with us for a free quote.

What powers do UK private investigators have?

May 2, 2022 - Reading time: 7 minutes

As a leading detective agency based in the UK, we often find that members of the public seem to lack understanding about the services that are provided by private investigators, and how exactly we are able to help our clients.

Private investigators are often fictionalized in popular films and television dramas, which adds to an enigmatic perception of our industry by some. It may not be until an individual is in a position where they could benefit from hiring an investigator that they begin to learn more about the services that are provided by private investigators in the UK, and exactly what we are and are not able to do for them.

With that in mind, we have put together the following article which answers some of the most common questions and misconceptions surrounding the private investigation industry.

Can private investigators arrest people?

No, private investigators cannot arrest people. Private investigators hold no more power than regular members of the public and are not impowered to make arrests.

Do private investigators carry badges?

Private investigators often carry badges or ID cards issued by their company which can be used to identify them and their credentials.

At the time of writing this article it is not required for private investigators in the UK to carry badges or ID, however in countries which enforce licensing systems it may be required for investigators to carry some form of identity document whilst they are working.

Can private investigators hack social media accounts?

Private investigators must operate within the law at all times and cannot hack into websites, social media accounts, emails, or any other private data, on behalf of their clients.

Private investigators may however use publicly available data from social media and other sources in order to locate subjects and to gather information about their lives. Investigators have also been known to setup ‘dummy’ social media accounts which can be used to befriend subjects and to gather information from their profiles or to contact them directly.

Can private investigators follow people?

Absolutely, private investigators can follow people for a wide range of different reasons. 

Private investigators follow people in the UK on a daily basis, from infidelity cases where a client suspects that their partner could be cheating on them, to personal injury claims where an investigator might be hired in order to check the truthfulness and accuracy of claims, or to find hidden assets during a divorce, and in many other different cases.

Private investigator taking photos from inside a car

Surveillance can be conducted on behalf of private individuals/companies or lawyers that need to gather evidence which could help them to win a case. Surveillance is also commonly used to resolve personal issues such as catching cheating partners during infidelity cases.

Surveillance can even be used in order to resolve issues such as fly tipping or workplace theft.

Can private investigators gather evidence?

Yes. One of the most useful functions of a private investigator is to act as an impartial third party and to gather evidence. Whether that evidence is subsequently used by a private client in order to make life or business decisions, or used in order to secure a favourable result during a court case.

Whether evidence is being gathered for personal reasons or official reasons, private investigators are often able to save their clients far more than they charge in professional fees, not to mention the priceless satisfaction that can result from achieving a desirable result.

Can private investigators install GPS trackers on cars?

Yes, private investigators are able to install GPS trackers onto vehicles in the UK. Trackers are extremely useful as they allow vehicles to be monitored 24 hours per day without an investigator actively following it for the duration of that time.

GPS trackers are often used in order to track subjects during surveillance cases and to begin surveillance at key moments when the subject is likely to be caught in compromising positions. Data which is gathered by trackers, such as the current and previous locations of the device, can typically be accessed by both the client and investigator through an online control panel.

Can private investigators install bugs inside homes/cars/workplaces?

Investigators around the world are known to use all manner of different gadgets in order to gather information by planting ‘bugs’ inside buildings or vehicles.

Holding hidden cameras and hidden microphones in a living room

When it comes to installing bugs such as GPS trackers, hidden microphones, or hidden cameras, much depends on the circumstances in each case and why exactly the client would like to deploy such equipment.

While investigators are usually mindful of making sure that bugs are being used properly, that is not to say that everyone with access to such equipment is acting with the same level of ethics. Hidden recording devices are available for anyone to purchase, and searching for bugs is another key service which is offered by us…

Can private investigators find hidden bugs inside my home/car/workplace?

Yes. We offer a debugging service whereby an experienced agent will use specialist equipment to search for any hidden bugs, such as hidden cameras, microphones, or tracking devices. 

Debugging may be required in a number of different cases… Whether an ex-partner has hidden a recording device inside a property they once occupied with a spouse, or a business rival has planted a microphone inside the board room of a rival’s firm.

The potential harm which could result from the inappropriate use of these devices is obvious, and many of our clients find it easy to justify hiring an investigator to perform a debugging sweep of their property. 

Can private investigators serve documents on people?

Yes. Many private investigators also offer process serving, during which they will serve documents on individuals or companies.

There are many different cases where you might need an investigator to serve documents for you; whether you need us to serve divorce paperwork, orders to attend court, writs, family papers, non-molestation orders, statutory demands, winding-up petitions or bankruptcy petitions, an investigator will be able to help and ensure that your documents are served quickly and cost effectively. 


Please visit our homepage for more information about PrivateInvestigators-UK and the different services offered by us.

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