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If you require the services of a secret shopper in the UK then look no further. Our experienced team of local detectives often provide our secret shopper service across most areas of Great Britain. We can go undercover in a wide variety of different industries and report back to you with any information or evidence that was gathered.

The goal of our secret shopper service is to deliver vital feedback that can be used to improve your product or service. Our secret shoppers work across a wide variety of different industries including restaurants, banking, tech, automotive, hospitality, consulting, general retail and more.

What is a mystery shopper?

A “mystery shopper”, or a “secret shopper” as they are commonly known, are undercover agents who visit businesses with the goal of gathering information which can be used to improve the service, experience and ultimately the profitability of said business. Mystery shoppers can be drafted in for a wide range of reasons and across many different sectors.

What does a secret shopper do?

A secret shopper will pose as a genuine client of the business. This allows them to assess the business through the eyes of a customer and paint an accurate picture of the quality of service that is provided. In some cases we are asked to be provide an “awkward customer” experience, that is to present challenges to the staff and assess their efforts to overcome those challenges. We will endeavour to understand the requirements in each case and do our best to meet your needs.

In some cases we are asked to record covert video which can be used to document the experience… Video or audio recordings can be necessary in order to gather evidence of staff misconduct within the organization, for disciplinary hearings and many other different use cases.

Please let us know your requirements, as well as the UK post code of your business, when getting in touch with us and we will do our best to help.

Why are secret shoppers important?

We are seeing more and more organizations recognize the value that can be gained through drafting a secret shopper into their businesses. Instructing a detective agency to make undercover site visits to your business can help to gain a customer’s perspective of the firm and address issues which might otherwise have gone un-noticed. Secret shoppers tend to highlight any issues which they feel could be improved upon and offer constructive criticism where appropriate.

Negative reviews or publicity have the potential to seriously harm the profitability of your business… Ensuring that your clients receive the highest level of service can help to mitigate the risk of negative publicity. Often secret shoppers can provide vital feedback that can be used to make changes or improvements to your company. If the staff of a business behave inappropriately then a secret shopper can attest to their misdeeds, ensuring that any issues are highlighted and improved on.

Although always working in the best interests of our clients, we feel that secret shoppers should be fair and impartial. Secret shoppers take the role of an independent third party; as their findings therefore often receive more consideration than criticisms which are raised from within the organization itself.

How much does it cost?

Fees for our secret shopper service vary depending on the area where we are required to work, the nature of the business being investigated and any expenses that are related to our investigation. For example, if we are instructed to provide our secret shopper service in a hotel, then we will need to include the cost of our accommodation as an expense. Please let us know about any expenses that are relevant to providing a secret shopper investigation.

If you would like a free quote for our secret shopper service then please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members. We will need the UK post code where your business is located and any of your requirements. This information will enable us to calculate our travel times and offer a free, no obligation quote.

Hire a secret shopper in the UK

If you would like to receive a quote for our secret shopper service then please feel free to get in touch with us. Please detail the nature of your business, and include your UK post code so that we are able to provide you with a quote.

We seek to accommodate all requests where possible. Please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members and let us know the requirements in your case. We will do our best to understand your needs and provide a free, no obligation quote if we are able to help.

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