Catch a cheating partner

Private investigator taking photos of a cheating partner

Do you believe that your partner might be cheating on you? Are you having suspicions that you need to have checked? Perhaps you need to gather evidence for ongoing divorce proceedings? Whatever your reasons, we are experts at conducting infidelity investigations. Over the years we have caught thousands of cheating partners in UK based infidelity cases. Our experience has allowed us to hone the skills needed to gather evidence of infidelity under most reasonable circumstances across England, Wales, Scotland and NI.

We are leading UK private investigators and aim to gather high quality images/video evidence during our infidelity surveillance cases. These images would typically be e-mailed to our client (you) along with our report on a daily basis while surveillance is being carried out.

We recognize that many of our clients that need help with infidelity investigations have never hired a private detective before. We believe that it’s our job to listen to the needs and requirements of our client and consider each case individually. If we’re able to help then we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote. It will then be your decision whether or not you would like to proceed with starting a case.

Please remember to include your post code when getting in touch with us so that we are able to assign your case to the correct agent working in your area.

We are often asked how many hours (or days) of surveillance might be required in order to gather evidence that our clients are happy with. There is effectively no single answer to this question. Many cases that we have worked on have reached a conclusion within one day (or even hour) of surveillance, other cases might run on for longer periods of time. The total amount of time required will depend on the circumstances in each case. After we have provided surveillance then we may be in a better position to judge how much time might be required going forward depending on your unique circumstances. The unpredictable nature of investigative work and high number of variables mean that predicting the total length of surveillance time before any work has been carried out is not a prediction that we are prepared to make in most cases.

As experienced private investigators, there is no-one better than us to search for evidence of infidelity. We believe that you are entitled to the truth, you can rely on us to protect your interests and gather evidence for you.

If you are interested in catching your cheating partner by instructing us to carry out an infidelity investigation then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our secure website and we will be glad to offer you a free quote. Please remember to include your post code and any other relevant information that will help us to understand your situation and provide a quote for our services. All contact with our agency is strictly private and confidential.

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