Honey Trapping Investigations

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At PrivateInvestigators-UK, we offer a cutting edge honey trapping service across London, England, and all areas of the UK. Employing a honey trapping services provides an insightful means to gauge the fidelity of your significant other. It's a reliable method for assessing your partner's loyalty. Each of our decoys boast considerable expertise and excel in their roles. We offer the services of both male and female honey traps throughout the UK.

What is a honey trap?

During a honey trap investigation an investigator (acting as a 'decoy' or 'honeypot') will make direct contact with your partner in order to check whether or not they are interested in flirting or potentially starting a romantic relationship with them.

In order to procure an accurate result, it is important that our agents first gauge your partner's situation in order to approach them in a way which is natural and unsuspecting.

Whereas other investigative techniques such as surveillance rely on simply observing your partner and seeing what happens, performing a honey trap type investigation relies on the agent making direct contact with the subject in order to test their loyalty.

What happens after contact is established with my partner?

After establishing communication with your partner, our undercover agents will engage in light flirting in order to gauge their reaction. Should your partner reciprocate our agents' flirtatious advances, it becomes evident that they are open to such interactions. At this juncture, we would reach out to you to deliberate on our subsequent course of action. Each case is unique, therefore, it is crucial to maintain discretion during the investigation to ensure that your partner remains unaware that their loyalties are being tested.

Is this service conducted with confidentiality?

Our decoys are committed to the highest levels of discretion and professionalism in every operation they undertake. With extensive experience in conducting fidelity assessments, our operatives ensure complete secrecy, sparing your significant other any inkling of engagement with a decoy.

We boast a diverse roster of male and female decoys from a wide array of ethnicities, cultures, and religious backgrounds to match your partner's preferences accurately.

What are the applications of a Honey Trapping service?

How much does it cost?

Our fee to conduct a honey trap investigation will vary depending on the location of the case, the circumstances and expenses (if any). We offer free, no pressure quotes for all work. If you would like a quote for this service then feel free to get in touch with us and include as many details as possible (such as the exact location) so that we can understand your needs and requirements.

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