Bug sweeping in the UK

Hidden cameras and microphones discovered during a bug sweep

“Bug sweeping” is the act of searching for malicious devices which can be used to monitor people without their consent. With an evolution of technology in recent years, we are seeing more and more devices appear (hidden cameras or microphones) which are used to gather images or audio without the victim’s consent.

When we think about cases of technology being abused, many of us might picture a sexual deviant using a hidden camera inside a public bathroom. While this is one of the most extreme examples of privacy being invaded by technology, hidden cameras and spying equipment have come a long way and are used more often in day-to-day life than most people might imagine.

If you would like us to send you a free quote for a bug sweep, then please include the property's exact location (post code) and size when getting in touch with us.

We can help with:

There have been many documented cases where spying devices have been used in abusive domestic relationships, with ex-partners installing tracking devices to monitor the vehicle of their former partner, for example. Devices can also be used to record or transmit audio, leading to private conversations being intercepted without the end user’s knowledge or consent. The potential for damages to occur as the result of being the victim of eavesdropping, during legal proceedings or for any other purpose, is enormous.

The rapid evolution in camera, battery and tracking technologies means that these devices are now cheaper and more readily available than they have ever been. We are seeing more and more bugging devices being used with nefarious intentions. If you suspect that someone might be using bugging devices to spy on you, then please feel free to get in touch with us. We can help to check properties and vehicles for unwanted surveillance equipment. Please include the UK post code where you need us to work with your inquiry. This will allow our detectives to calculate travel time to your location and provide a free, no obligation quote.

We can help to check your home or business for hidden cameras or microphones. Our detectives have a wide range of experience sweeping both residential and commercial premises across the UK.

We can find bugs left by:

Is your vehicle being tracked?

Is your vehicle being tracked?

If you suspect that someone might have fitted a tracking device to your vehicle then we can help. Our experienced detectives are able to carry out a thorough search on any vehicle for tracking devices. Once found, we can remove the unauthorized tracking device. Unauthorized trackers can be either stored or kept for evidence purposes after being removed from your vehicle. In some cases trackers can also be analysed in attempts to find information on the person or people responsible for placing the tracker on your vehicle.

Private investigators often place tracking devices on vehicles in the UK in order to learn about the vehicle’s movements. We have fitted countless of these tracking devices ourselves; for more information please read our GPS vehicle tracking page.

Tracking devices are very small by design which makes them easy to hide on most vehicles and difficult for them to be found. Without using specialist equipment it can be very difficult to locate most tracking devices once they are properly hidden on a vehicle. Anti-surveillance equipment can be used to detect data that is transmitted by GPS tracking devices.

Do I need a bug sweep?

If you suspect that your home, vehicle or property may have been bugged then you may feel it is appropriate for a professional to carry out a check for any bugging devices.

Bug sweeps can be used to find hidden cameras or hidden microphones in your home or business address. Once we have located a hidden bugging device, we will remove and analyse it (where possible). Analysation of bugging devices may or may not be possible depending on the type of device that is discovered. After spying equipment has been removed from your property we would recommend that additional bug sweeps are carried out periodically in order to check that malicious equipment has not returned.

Our experienced detectives have carried out thousands of bug sweeps across the UK. If you would like your property to be checked for hidden cameras, microphones, or GPS tracking devices, then please get in touch with us and request a quote for our bug sweep service. Please note that we will require your UK postcode in order to calculate our travel time and provide you with a quote.

What are bugging devices?

Bugging devices can include GPS tracking devices, hidden cameras and hidden audio recording equipment. The term “bugging devices” applies to many different gadgets which can be used to spy on people. Bugging devices might include devices which upload information in real time to the internet, as well as devices which might only capture data which is downloaded from the device at a later time. There are thousands of different bugging devices available on the open market, and new devices are constantly being developed and made available to the general public.

Thanks to the internet and international shipping these devices are now more prevalent than ever. Bugging devices of various forms and quality can easily be purchased by anyone with an internet connection and a debit card.

Because no-one enjoys the thought of being spied on, we are seeing more and more demand for our bug sweeping service in the UK.

What is UK bug sweeping?

As part of our UK bug sweeping service we can check your home or office for hidden cameras or audio recording equipment. Our experienced detectives will check your property using specialised anti-surveillance equipment. In the event that we locate a spying device that is placed on your property, you will be within your rights to destroy the device.

In some cases, we are able to examine hidden camera (or audio recording) devices for you and recover any recordings that were made on your property. This tactic has previously been used to identify the persons responsible for installing the device; however, the extent to which a device can be analysed with depend entirely on the type of device that is found and the circumstances under which it is found.

Many of our clients enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing no bugging devices were located during a professional sweep of their property or vehicle.

How does bug sweeping work?

A typical bug sweep typically involves specialised equipment that can be used to detect and locate bugging devices. Bugging devices might include hidden camera, hidden microphones and tracking devices. Hidden cameras are constantly evolving and becoming smaller; they can take the form of many different disguises and be extremely difficult, or impossible, for a layman to notice.

Experience and high tech equipment are both essential when conducting a thorough bug sweep. As these devices are constantly changing and improving, any agent conducting a bug sweep must be suitably experienced and educated on the latest spying technology.

How long does bug sweeping take?

The answer to this question (and our fees) will depend entirely on the property that we are sweeping for bugs. It would take considerably less time to check a studio flat for bugs than it would a 3,000 sq. ft. detached property, for example. In order to carry out an adequate bug sweep in large properties, the same attention to detail in each room of the property is required. High tech microphones are very sensitive and in many cases are capable of capturing audio from a different area of the property.

How much do bug sweeps cost?

Our fees for bug sweeps can vary dramatically… Would you like us to check a vehicle for bugs or a property? If we are searching a property, how many square meters are we tasked with searching? Do you require our services in a metropolitan area or in a more rural location that might require a longer travel time?

More information on bug sweeps

If you require more information on our bug sweeping service then please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced team members. If you would like us to provide you with a quote then please remember to include your UK post code and a description of the property being searched (please tell us the size of your property or the amount of rooms that you require us to check). This information will allow us to calculate our travel costs and labour.

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