How we Stop Stalking and Get Justice for Victims

April 29, 2024 - Reading time: 9 minutes

Professional Stalking Countermeasures from Private Investigators UK

Stalking is a criminal offence, and its gravity must be recognised by law enforcement. Should you need extra help, Anti-Stalking services may be the answer.

When reporting stalking activity to the authorities, compiling substantial proof is crucial. This could extend to audio or video recordings, photographic evidence, and documentation of correspondence such as emails, texts, or screenshots. Keeping a detailed record of each incident is also beneficial.

Many law enforcement officers are willing to assist but might not be thoroughly equipped with specialised training to comprehend the complexities of stalking, its associated risks, and the emotional turmoil it can trigger, particularly in times of reduced resources.

What if the police's response is inadequate?

At Private Investigators UK, we specialise in Anti-Stalking operations. Our team can collect strong evidence on your behalf and assemble it into a comprehensive package to present to the authorities.

By taking proactive steps, you can confront your fears, eradicate the hindrances in your life and reclaim your independence. 

Understanding Stalking

The act of stalking can manifest through various behaviours, making it a common type of abuse. Acts such as repeatedly sending unwelcome gifts, persistent malicious communication, property damage, and physical or sexual aggression all constitute stalking. It's critical to erase any illusions about stalking—it's not a sign of affection but an indication of unhealthy fixation and obsession. It’s a serious offence that can shatter lives.

Stalking involves 'A pattern of compulsive and obsessive actions which are recurrent, unwelcome, intrusive, and either incite a fear of violence or create significant anxiety and distress for the victim.'

Identifying Stalkers

The term 'stalking' often conjures images of mystifying figures lurking in darkness or overly fervent fans shadowing celebrities. However, these scenarios do not represent the majority of stalking incidents. Nearly 45% of reported cases involve ex-partners as the perpetrators, and about a third emerge from people who have had some previous connection with their stalker. Knowing the stalker does not place blame on the victim—it is unequivocally a form of stalking and is punishable by law.

Expert Intervention

Various support groups offer valuable advice for safety and emotional support during these troubling times. But for concrete, proactive, and definitive action, Private Investigators UK stands unmatched. Reaching out to PI-UK to discuss our Anti-Stalking Services can be a pivotal decision.

Defining a Stalking Behaviour Pattern

The Crown Prosecution Service provides guidelines for prosecuting alleged stalking behaviours, indicating that repeated conduct can constitute harassment if it qualifies as stalking behaviour.

While stalking isn't explicitly detailed in law, section 2A (3) of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 lists behaviours typically seen in stalking incidents, including:

(a) following a person,

(b) contacting, or attempting to contact, a person by any means,

(c) publishing any statement or other material relating or purporting to relate to a person, or purporting to originate from a person,

(d) monitoring the use by a person of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication,

(e) loitering in any place (whether public or private),

(f) interfering with any property in the possession of a person,

(g) watching or spying on a person.

According to section 7, behaviour must occur a minimum of twice to be considered a 'course of conduct.’ Connections between incidents may not be immediately evident, hence precise record-keeping is imperative.

For victims, documenting every encounter can be just as traumatic as the stalking itself. A detail log should record the date and time of any incident, along with any other evidence and a description of how the behaviour made you feel.

If you're unaccustomed to evidence collection, especially during periods of stress, we can help to take on that burden for you.

Reverse the Dynamics with Your Pursuer

Largely comprised of former police and military personnel, our team of private detectives excels in the field of investigation. We are well-versed in the standards set forth by the CPS, and we possess the expertise needed to collect, document, safeguard, and present evidence effectively.

Our dedicated Anti-Stalking unit has the time, commitment, and patience that is unmatched by other service providers.

Rely on our Anti-Stalking solutions, and we will ensure the implementation of various investigative and protective actions outlined below, equipping you with comprehensive evidence to present to law enforcement:

Targeted Surveillance – When the stalker’s activities are consistent and known, we will discreetly monitor and document their actions, securing video evidence of any stalking/malicious behaviours or property damage. Any observed infractions will be promptly reported to both you and the police.

Photographic Documentation – In cases of assault or property damage, we will photograph the inflicted injuries or damage, preserving them as formal exhibits for future proceedings.

Statement Composition – Crafting detailed written descriptions of incidents, allowing for updates through additional statements that outline new stalking occurrences. These documents may serve as legally admissible evidence.

Incident Logs – Assisting you in maintaining a precise record of all stalking-related events, including taping phone conversations, capturing screenshots of emails, and properly saving all correspondences.

Evidence Preservation at Crime Scenes – Aiding in safeguarding key forensic evidence at a crime scene, such as tire or tool marks, clothing, or documents, until police examination.

GPS Monitoring – Utilising GPS trackers and geo-fencing technology to document if a stalker enters a restricted area in violation of legal conditions, promptly reporting any breaches to you and the authorities.

Protective Monitoring – Implementing Protective Surveillance as a non-intrusive method of personal protection and intelligence gathering to continually assess risks.

Area Searches – Conducting thorough searches in public spaces where you suspect evidence might be concealed or discarded.

Background Investigations – Researching the stalker’s past relationships to uncover any historical patterns of misbehaviour or criminal activity that could reinforce your case and potentially encourage others to provide character testimony. Background check investigations can also help to prevent problems from occurring by allowing you to be fully informed about a person's character.

Judicial Assistance – Guiding you through the process of obtaining a court order and personally delivering it to the stalker to enforce its stipulations.

Witness Corroboration – Strengthening your case through independent verification of stalking incidents, speaking with neighbours, coworkers, or bystanders who may have witnessed such events.

Regain Your Autonomy

Our Anti-Stalking team is prepared to offer assistance and guidance to anyone experiencing this intrusive behaviour. Disturbingly, statistics reveal that many victims delay reporting the crime until it has occurred repeatedly. However, our services aim to interrupt this pattern well before it reaches such an extent, providing unwavering support throughout the process.

Remember, you are not isolated in this struggle. Stalking affects a significant portion of the population, but enduring such violations is not inevitable. With our help, you can systematically tackle your fears, dissolve the barriers in your path, and reclaim full autonomy over your life. Your existence is meant to be fully your own.

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